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Traffic Spirit 6.5.2 Latest Free Download

Traffic Spirit 6.5.2 Latest Version 2020

Traffic Spirit Cracked is a software to promote websites primarily for webmasters, web stores, Twitter , Facebook and blogs to quickly improve traffic. You can meet all kinds of promotional requirements for the website if it is flexible to use.

Download traffic spirit

Running Status :

traffic spirit shows the status divided into normal, limit, fault. Click the Repair button to verify what happens if the status is not normal and then resolve the problem.

Running Mode: It is divided into traffic mode and integrated mode. The user can get traffic in traffic mode, points in integral mode.

Settings: it’s Includes automatic execution, Show tray icon, hide UI / Show shortcut, auto power off functions, etc.

Number: it is a unique number assigned by the software after adding each site. They provide the number to check the status when contacting
customer service. You can click Number to paste the site into the clipboard.

My Site: By default, the software will visit the subpage at random after adding sites to need traffic. The user could click on the site to change the settings.

How to download

1. First download & install traffic spirit crack file:

2. Then Download & open traffic spirit

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